Renewable energy is a clean source of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy resources.

Building a Platform for Efficient use of Renewable Energy

More people now realize the need to embrace energy generations via renewable energy resources. However, the current market scenario does not allow the growth of renewable energy industry to take place rapidly, mainly due to bottlenecks in the supply, technology and financial sectors. Hence, the TerraGreen Platform envisions to mitigate all the bottlenecks and make it simpler and more economical to bring all the parties involved on a common platform.

Building TerraGreen platform, a blockchain based renewable energy trading platform, will serve to promote and assist in creations of renewable energy generating facilities around the world. This is done through linking the biomass suppliers, renewable energy technology developers, power producers and investors, through a common medium, using TerraGreen platform.

TerraGreen, through its innovative cryptographic platform, will ensure to eradicate middleman, in every step involved, thereby making easier and economical availability of raw material, superior technology, increased power tariffs to power producers and higher returns to investors.


Decentralized cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency system collectively.


  • In centralized network group of users are connected through one centeralized Hub, where only these users have rights to see all the transaction as well as all other activites perform by users reside in same network.
  • In this kind of blockchain only authorized parties can participate in transaction and their transaction can be moniterized by authority.


  • In Private network only permited users by network's administration can perform the transaction.After the verification done by administration transaction would be completed.
  • Each user must need to obtain an invitation or permission to join and must be validated by either the network administration or by a set of rules put in place by the network administration.
  • Private block chain give individual priority to each user on network means if any user wants to put restricion of viewing thier data to any other user due to any privacy, thier information would be restricted from those user over network.


  • In Public network all the user is free to perform all the activities with each user and join the network anytime, anywhere.
  • Because of its totally openness nature there is a lack of privacy in transaction perform by the users in network.
  • Public blockchains can receive and send transactions from anyone & anywhere in the world. These can also be audited by anybody.
  • Due to many users in this kind of network they required more time, energy and money power to perform all the transaction over network.

Utility Program

Our platform provides users the ability to pay their electricity bills directly from their TerraGreen wallet. The platform boasts of immediate transaction times and even allows you to use a combination of crypto and fiat currency to pay your bills.

In present, TerraGreen works on a standard platform which is based on a large-scale update that would give the allowance for the usage of more cryptocurrencies in the near future. Currently, users can pay bills with BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, XRP and other such crypto currencies. The amount of each transaction will be transferred in real-time to a digital wallet, from where it can automatically be converted into any fiat currency or else stored as TGN.

Energy Token Creation on TerraGreen Platform

TerraGreen is an open software platform based on blockchain technology that will enable Energy Producers to tokenize their energy which they are going to produce from the plant. It will be Energy Token backed by real energy. Since all tokens implement some basic features in standard way, this also means that the Energy tokens generated from TerraGreen Platform, will be instantly compatible with TerraGreen Wallet.


SHA-256 and SHA-512 are the most commonly accepted and used cryptographic hash functions computed with 32-bit and 64-bit words, respectively. SHA-384 is truncated versions of SHA-256 and SHA-512 respectively, computed with different initial values. We have used SHA-384 algorithm in terragreen blockchain with various security features. For the foreseeable future, SHA-384 is good enough for almost any imaginable collision-resistance application. For example, if you need the hashes to generate both a 256-bit HMAC key and a 128-bit encryption key, SHA384 is a natural choice. If you require much output as possible for the computational cost.


Terra Green organizers and group have been associated with sustainable power source industry for over 15 years amid which time we have seen wants for cleaner and more secure life were developing exponentially. More individuals presently understood the need to grasp vitality ages through sustainable power source assets. Nonetheless, the current market situation does not permit the development of sustainable power source industry to happen quickly, fundamentally because of bottleneck in the budgetary segment.


TerraGreen brings great features in dealing with smart technologies


Green Energy Contract

Green Energy Contract is a customized design of protocol standards that define certain rules and standards for issuing token on TerraGreen Platform.



Blockchain-based technological solutions allow fully transparent energy trade accounting.



Simple fundraising process saves you a time and resources, for the project developers and energy buyers.


Energy Token Exchange

TerraGreen Exchange for Energy token from which it can be exchange to fiat currency

terragreen app download
TerraGreen App


The best cryptocurrency wallet is here. Use TerraGreen wallet for easy and secure transaction.

TerraGreen Decentralized Application is a platform independent user interface which enables the community users to have interactions with various platform exclusive features and participate in various campaigns. The decentralized application shall be built on ALGORITHM SHA384 blockchain. TGN-APP is a combination of user-friendly and implements transactions that work on a predefined set of rules, guidelines and a 100% predictable model under a given set of circumstances and constraints.


Terragreen become their own energy traders, substituting for all the role utilities which play in buying and selling power on our behalf.

Trade System

Exchange System

Blockchain based trade system makes energy trading more transparent, while AI algorithm finds fair market prices in real-time, as reference.

Storage Systems

Storage Systems

Smart Energy storage systems with IOT technologies, smart grid by keeping balance of the demands with supplies of locally produced renewable energy.

DirTGN Appliances


Connecting Producers, utilities, investors and Consumers directly to each other.

Global Emissions

Global Emissions

The practical solutions we have at hand to productively reduce the heat-trapping emissions that cause global warming.


TerraGreen Coin is a renewable and blockchain-based community, ecosystem and cryptocurrency.

TerraGreen Coin

We are developing Blockchain Platform Called TerraGreen Blockchain Platform and created Platform coin to fund this platform. So TerraGreen Coin Belongs to Platform Coin not Energy Token. These Platform Coin at the end of the process,will be of higher in economic values.

TerraGreen shall delve into the realm of, but not limited to, green-energy, Bio-fertilizers and power generation. But given the rapid progress of fundamental research on efficient product conversion, TerraGreen shall look forward to adapt and better the existing working technology.

terragreen coin

Coin Description

R&D on Energy from Bio-mass Gasification project

- Start Implementation on Biomass Gasification project
  • Idea Conceptualization
  • Organization Formation, Technical Study and Survey
  • Organization Structuring, Market Survey and Brainstorming

Starting of Biomass gasification project


Q1 Research on cryptocurrency & blockchain technology

Q2 Research and Planning for TGN

Q3 TGN Proof Of concept

  • Platform Feasibility Test, Outcome Audit and code revision
  • Collaborations with technical advising partners

Q1 Planning of TGN blockchain technology

Q4 Starting development of TGN platform

  • ICO Announcement, ICO Campaign targeting Social Media, Blockchain, Algorithm development
  • Proof of concept test, Presale, Patent process initiation
  • Main ICO, Coin Distribution, Market Recognition and Expansion Strategy
  • Partnering with Energy manufacturers, Industry tie ups
  • TerraGreen Centers Review Report and Model Revision
Roadmap ICO

Q1 Project Implementation

  • ICO closing & KYC verification
  • Platform Development, Finance Disclosure and Annual Report.
  • Protocol development for first Deployment
  • Test Net Launch, Trial Verification, Overall System Integration, Alpha release
  • Prototype Pre-deployment Testing
  • Initiation, Iterative Revision Implementation and Verification

Q2 Launching of Wallet

  • Web Wallet
  • Mobile Wallet (Android & iOS)
  • Blockchain Platform

Q2 Land acquisition for plantation

  • Paperwork
  • Government approval

Q2 Request for approval in world’s popular exchangers

Q3 TGN listing on various popular cryptocurrency exchanger

  • Own Exchange platform

Q3 TGN Blockchain platform Can be implemented in Renewable energy and various other sectors like Banking, Finance, IT, Agriculture, Education & Healthcare

Q3 Cultivation Operating

  • Man power
  • Harvesting
  • Maintenance
TerraGreen ICO Roadmap

Q1 Aspects for financing power plant proposed by IPP

  • Hiring consultants for project monitoring
  • Equipments sourcing

Q1 Starting Development of own programming language

Q2 Fund dispersals for financing power plant by IPP

Q3 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Q4 Code Testing and Trial of Programming language

Roadmap Terragreen ICO

Q1 R&D on activated carbon

Q2 Terragreen Utility Platform

  • Finalize Programming Language beta version

Q1 Implementation of pilot plant for activated carbon

Q2 Development of programming language

  • Code writing
  • Debugging & Machine readable

Q2 Development of token creation platform

  • Coding module
  • Debugging module
  • Publish module

Implementation of full-scale plant of activated carbon


R&D on cellulose & hemicellulose extraction for paper pulp


Marketing of activated carbon

Implementation of pilot plant for cellulose & hemicellulose extraction for paper pulp


Implementation of full-scale plant for cellulose & hemicellulose extraction for paper pulp


R&D on hydrogen gas enrichment for use in vehicles, trains and Aeroplan


Implementation of pilot plant for hydrogen gas enrichment for use in vehicles, trains and Aeroplan.

Marketing of paper pulp


Implementation of full-scale plant for hydrogen gas enrichment for use in vehicles, trains and Aeroplan


Marketing of Hydrogen Gas for use in Vehicles, Trains and Aeroplan


To get a depth knowledge on TerraGreen Coin get our greenpaper.

terrageen greenpaper


TerraGreen aims to create a global, decentralized Biomass waste management mainly comprising of Bio waste industries.

Creating of such a network will enable deployment of a huge infrastructure which will provide the necessary impetus for a proper Biomass waste management.

This is largely due to unjustified and uncontrolled exploitation of the resources and carefree Biomass discard of used material without a properly implemented damage control policies in a place.

But, given the rapid progress of fundamental researches on efficient product conversion, we look forward to adapt and to have better existing working technology that has been applied to documents used as marketing or sales tools in business.

Our Dedicated Team

TerraGreen's team is a group of passionate individuals with multi-year experience in the energy, finance and digital transformation sectors.

Brad lee, Co-founder & CEO
Brad lee
Founder & CEO
Hannes Klobe, Co-founder & CTO
Hannes Klobe
Co-founder & CTO
P. Nahak, COO & Blockchain Developement Specialist
P. Nahak
COO & Blockchain Developement Specialist
B. Viresh, CIO
B. Viresh
Joylin F. Telagen, Advisor
Joylin F. Telagen
Sabina Abdul Aziz, Biomass Waste, Energy Crop & Smart Contract Developer
Sabina Abdul Aziz
Biomass Waste, Energy Crop & Smart Contract Developer
Tengku Dato’ Nasruddin Ibrahim, Renewable Energy Trade & Economy Developer
Tengku Dato’ Nasruddin Ibrahim
Renewable Energy Trade & Economy Developer
Tejaswi P., UI / UX Designer
Tejaswi P.
UI / UX Designer
Hiren Gamit, Digital Marketing Expert
Hiren Gamit
Digital Marketing Expert
Terry T. Robinette, Apps Developer
Terry T. Robinette
Apps Developer
Tengku Sri Paduka Raja, Co-Founder & Chairman
Tengku Sri Paduka Raja

Meet Our Advisors

With a advisors of top technology and finance professionals, the nonprofit TerraGreen coin expands access to low-cost financial services
to fight poverty and maximize individual potential of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions.

Joylin F. Telagen, Advisor
Arturas Svirskis
Anthony Abunassar, STO Advisor Trader Ex Goldman
Anthony Abunassar
Krystelle Galano, Advisor
Krystelle Galano
Benedict Okole, Advisor
Benedict Okole
Meshach Ishaya, Advisor
Meshach Ishaya
Marie Victoria, Advisor
Marie Victoria
Kerwin Cabreza, Advisor
Kerwin Cabreza


We welcome any interested party in energy field to join us. If you want to be our partner, do not hesitate to contact us.

AVI renewable
gro power system
ajil biofuel

PPA & MOU with Utilities

Utilities supporting renewable energy project of associated companies

internation energy agency

Exchange Partner

Our Partner organizations we are working with who are cultivating a active ecosystem.


To find the ones who get it right. We trust our future with experts everyday.

Our Blog

To find the ones who get it right. We trust our future with experts everyday.


Below we’ve provided a bit of TerraGreen Coin and few others details of coin with answers.
If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

TerraGreen Coin is a unique blockchain powered attempt at micromanaging biomass wastes from agricultural and forestry sectors and efficiently converting them into renewable energy products. These products, at the end of the process, will be in their greater heights of economic values. With TerraGreen Coin, consumers can directly participate or involve in the biomass waste management and production of renewable energy products, which in return support the green energy revolution.
No one claims the terragreen network much like nobody possesses the technology behind email. Terragreen is controlled by all Terragreen clients around the globe. While designers are enhancing the product, they can't constrain an adjustment in the Terragreen convention since all clients are allowed to pick what programming and form they utilize. So as to remain good with one another, all clients need to utilize programming agreeing to similar principles. Terragreen can just work accurately with an entire accord among all clients. Along these lines, all clients and designers have a solid motivating force to secure this accord.
As indicated, Terragreen is based on micromanaging of the biomass wastes from agricultural and forestry sectors and to convert it into renewable energy products through natural resources. Moreover, for the Terragreen project, terragreen would produce its own coins and these coins will be distributed to the general public for the crowdfunding. The investment made in the coins would be profitable to the major Biomass plant as well as to the general public where they can gain through their investment and plant can produce more amount of renewable products. These would help to increase the value of terragreen coin and its products economically.
Terragreen is as virtual as the credit cards and online net banking networks people use every day. Terragreen can be used to pay online and in physical stores simply like some other type of cash terragreen can likewise be traded in physical frame Terragreen balances are stored in a large distributed network, and they can't be falsely changed by anyone. As such, Terragreen users have exclusive control over their Finance & Terragreen can't vanish in light of the fact that they are virtual.
TerraGreen coin is a consensus network that enables a digital payment system and a completely digital cash. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer(P2P) payment network that is enabled by its users with no central authority or mediators. From a user point of view, TerraGreen coin is practically similar to money for the Internet. TerraGreen coin can likewise be viewed as the prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in presence.
Buy Terragreen coins at a Terragreen exchange.Alternate Terragreen coins with someone close you.As payment for products or administrations. While it might be conceivable to discover people who wish to sell Terragreen coins in exchange for a credit card or PayPal payment, most trades don't permit financing through these payment methods. This is because of situations where somebody purchases terragreen with PayPal, and after that turns around their half of transaction. This is normally alluded to as a chargeback.
These cash means a virtual currencies and these are generally coin issued by a company for near-exclusive use on our website. Likewise, gift cards, mobile phone top-ups etc. Terragreen is more of all-purpose digital currency.
It’s easier than other online payment modes. Much of the time you just snap a connection and affirm that the exchange is right. On cell phones individuals will in general utilize QR codes since it's much easier.
Off course! Terragreen works extremely well on the Internet to transfer digital cash.
Terragreen fees depends upon the size of the data to be stored not the magnitude of the transaction involved. If it is simple transaction it should cost about 0.0001 TGN transaction fees.
Obviously yes! Presently many services are offering international remittances charge to the person sending money home to their family about significant amounts. Terragreen greatly reduces this.With Terragreen an international remittance is as easy as sending an email.
It isn't possessed or controlled by any association. There’s no legislature or enterprise backing it. It isn't licensed or copyrighted. Despite all, it’s now being utilized by millions of people all over the world to conduct transactions. These people are the Bitcoin community. By perusing this you are a Part of that network.
Just think about logging in to a website. User name and passwords are protected utilizing cryptography - an extremely propelled part of science that secures insider facts. Terragreen utilizes cryptography to demonstrate to others that you, and just you, have the privilege to spend the assets under your control. The majority of the cryptography in Terragreen is notable and utilized in innumerable different applications including banking systems. There’s nothing new or unique. To put it plainly, in the event that you confide in arithmetic, you can trust Terragreen.
Terragreen is accessible for everybody. Terragreen wallets can be found for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and basically everything else. Numerous Terragreen wallets are "open source" which implies that developers can take a gander how they function and confirm that there’s nothing suspicious going on.
There are numerous approaches to obtain Terragreen coins, similarly there are several ways to obtain any foreign currency. Anyway, it is very basic to utilize an online Terragreen trade.
TerraGreen Coins can be purchased from different sources. You can buy them online using an exchange or brokerage service that will enable you to buy TerraGreen Coin with a bank transfer using fiat currency, a credit card, and some services also offer purchasing opportunities using Paypal.
There are numerous approaches to obtain Terragreen coins, similarly there are several ways to obtain any foreign currency. Anyway, it is very basic to utilize an online Terragreen trade.
TerraGreen Coins can be sold in various prospective. The currency can be sold online to an exchange or live in person locally. These same instances work similarly to the buying process. You can sell your TerraGreen Coin to the exchange at the current price it's being sold for.
TerraGreen Coin is a system working by the three fundamental standards of innovative opportunity: Decentralization, Open Source code, and genuine Peer-to-Peer technology. TerraGreen Coin's trust depends on the subjective valuations of human confidence in mathematical algorithms, encryption and numbers. With the three pillars of technological principles TerraGreen Coin’s blockchain is a peer-reviewed system of integrity.

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